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Pentacam is the ultimate diagnostic tool for laser vision correction surgeons. It utilizes a sophisticated Scheipmflug camera system that scans the anterior eye (cornea, anterior chamber, iris, and lens) and takes up to 25,000 measured data points in a scan time of 2 seconds per eye.

Pentacam Corneal Topography

(Nidek, Japan)

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The Orbscan corneal topography system is a recently developed device that evaluates anterior and posterior corneal surface topography as well as the thickness of the entire cornea.


(Bausch and Laumb, USA)

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For most accurate IOL measurement In cataract patients.A non-contact optical device that measures the distance from the corneal vertex to the retinal pigment epithelium by partial coherence interferometry, the IOL Master is consistently accurate to within ±0.02 mm or better. The IOL Master is the first such device to be widely used in clinical ophthalmology.

IOL Master 700

(Ziess, USA)

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For accurate cornea assessment before cataract surgery and in Corneal pathology. For Corneal Endothelial cell measurement



(Nidek, Japan)

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For retinal fundus Photography image highly advanced technology. A 16.2 megapixel camera back provides high resolution images with a 45° field of view. The incorporated filters and internal firmware allow the user to obtain color, red-free and fluorescein angiography images.

FFA (TRC-NW8F MYD/Non- Mydriatic Retinal Camera) (Topcon, Japan)

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For most advanced retinal measurements. For detail retina examination in diabetic. And various Retina pathology.

Optical Coherence Tomography Retina Scan Duo

(Nidek, Japan)

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India`s First Centre to have Humphrey Matrix 800 (Carl Zeiss, Germany), FDT Technology which diagnoses & predicts glaucoma upto four years before it affects the eye

Zeiss Humphrey


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1st and only top-integrated, wavefront-guided technology. Next-level treatment planning,Topo-integrated, wavefront-guided treatment planning enables true personalization. Topographic maps, views, and summary metrics, Improved workflow, Shorten, automate, and eliminate steps for faster turnaround.


(Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, USA)

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For Post cataract Laser treatment. High-res optics for exact laser-treatment location, S-Switch allows easy change of parameters while holding the joystick, easily upgraded to the YAG/Green Combo system.

Opthalmic Yag Laser

(Nidek, Japan)

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Green Laser Photo Coagulator for Retinal Disorders, Patented Solid-Green state Technology, Extended Life and Efficiency, True Continuous wave, touch screen interface.

Appasamy Green Laser

(Amogh Plus - 532 NM)